Open Your Door to Lil' Kickers and Discover the Possibilities

Lil' Kickers introduces children to the world of sports in a unique and exciting way, capturing their hearts and their attention, while nurturing their souls. It is a child's first step toward a lifetime love of athletics. But Lil' Kickers does more than teach soccer and movement skills to kids, it teaches them about life. Lil' Kickers, with its innovative curriculum, is founded on renowned child development theories. Together they provide your coaches with the framework to make an impact on the kids that goes beyond soccer skills. Each class is specially designed to enhance the social, emotional and physical development occurring at each age. In short, Lil' Kickers offers parents in your community a fun, safe and intelligent activity choice for their children. All this and the potential to bring new customers to your facility during off-peak hours.

Are you lonely on weekday mornings? Invite us in!

With an average Lil' Kickers program, 62% of enrollment occurs on weekdays. With Lil' Kickers, your lonely weekday mornings are a thing of the past. We capitalize on off-peak hours by targeting a younger age group. Over 85% of our revenue is generated from families with kids under five. Plus, our high retention rates show we know how to keep them coming back season after season, year after year. We even have solutions designated to fill in the gaps for childcare and provides activities during summer break, school holidays and teacher in-service days.

Revenue Powerhouse

Lil' Kickers has the potential to become one of your highest revenue generating programs because Lil' Kickers will bring youth and their families into your facility during off-peak hours. Our turn-key formula takes the guesswork out of building a successful child development program. With our comprehensive training, innovative curriculum, proven marketing systems and ongoing support, we will work with you to implement a successful child development program. Lil' Kickers has the potential to become a highly profitable use of your field time.